• New Files areas
    Tue Jan 02 2024 17:55:47
    To celebrate the start of the new year 2024 I have updated the file areas by
    adding new ones as many users have requested in the past... Have fun and don't
    be too exaggerated! :)

    F. KrueGer
  • System maintenance
    Mon Jun 01 2020 09:15:12
    I inform you that from 22.00 on Thursday 04 June until 22.00 on Friday 05 June
    the entire BBS Veleno system will be stopped for maintenance.
    We are making the system bigger and more powerful for all our users.

    F. KrueGer
  • Arcade Games
    Thu Apr 23 2020 17:38:15
    We have activated a new service for the "nostalgic" of arcade video games :).
    Under the "More" section you will find an entry called "Arcade Mame32" where
    you can launch an emulator with a varied list of arcade games.

    This list is displayed ONLY TO REGISTERED AND APPROVED USERS by the system via
    email verification (for those who have registered and have not yet verified
    their email, they can connect via telnet to the address: telnet.velenobbs.net
    port 23; or from the main page of the site you can connect via telnet by
    clicking on: "Connect via Telnet").
    Currently the emulator works ONLY with Windows operating systems.

    What are you waiting for to enter your personal game room? Try and Push again!

    F. KrueGer
  • WEB Point
    Sat Feb 08 2020 09:12:42
    Hello All!

    after a few hours of work I managed to create a point system via the web (your
    browser must load HTML5 pages) without the user configuring the various
    software to access the system!

    The Point Web system of Veleno BBS will allow you to read, write, reply, etc
    ... in the various echo areas and also in netmail without you having to go
    crazy to configure any type of software.
    A menu will help you to add, remove, rescan areas in a fully automatic mode

    If you want more information or if you want to try this innovative system, just
    leave me a netmail at 2: 333 / 808.1 (Thomas Bampi) or an email to

  • New CoSysOp
    Fri Dec 27 2019 12:10:01
    The first Cosysop of Veleno BBS has joined us :)
    Finally after a long period the BBS has a new member who will entirely follow
    the new Gopher service at the following link:

    gopher: //gopher.velenobbs.net

    Let's welcome Alex Alias Pacific!! you can contact him by email at:


    F. KrueGer
  • Welcome AgoraNet !!
    Fri Nov 29 2019 12:41:14
    Veleno BBS has joined the Agoranet Networks with the following address: 46:
    The Echo areas are free and anyone who wants can ask for the connection as a

    Good fun!

    F. KrueGer
  • News Games
    Tue Sep 03 2019 14:31:27
    We have included in the "DOORS" area under the heading "GAMES" (accessible via
    web that telnet) two new networks called "DoorParty" and "InterBBS" where you
    can enjoy a mountain of new games.

    Have fun
    F. KrueGer
  • Death SportNet
    Fri May 17 2019 19:57:48
    With regret I have to announce the death of the Sportnet network as a
    communication from my coordinator:

    "After some 6 months of no contact including be able to poll him, I have come
    the conclusion that Bill McGarett has left Fido and Sportnet.

    Like wise there has been no contract with any of the hosts within sportnet
    despite my emails to them a few months back.
    So I am going to cut all links both up and down for Sportnet nodes along with
    all setups here."

    I will continue to leave the visible areas but in ONE reading it will NOT be
    possible to write to us.

    F. KrueGer
  • Donate
    Sat May 11 2019 16:40:48
    The development and expansion of the BBS continues at full speed and to do all
    this the time is very little and it takes a lot of energy and patience :)
    The BBS is COMPLETELY AMATEUR and developed by SysOp and its CoSysOp that are
    helping it to make the system more and more beautiful and interesting.
    If you want to help us support this system, I put a button under the right menu
    to make a voluntary donation.
    This donation will help to support me and my collaborators to further expand
    the BBS
    Thank you!

    F. KrueGer
  • IRC Chat
    Sat May 11 2019 16:26:57
    We have added a new section called IRC where you can find pages to enter the
    chat world.
    You will find an IRC Chat for the synchronet networks, one for the only Veleno
    BBS and another for IRCGate.

    Have fun!

    F. KrueGer
  • Name Server & Ports
    Sat May 11 2019 10:46:29
    Names and ports to access the various services:

    www.velenobbs.net -> HTTP (Port: 80)
    telnet.velenobbs.net -> Telnet (Port: 23)
    ftp.velenobbs.net -> FTP (Port: 21)
    mail.velenobbs.net -> for all mail services POP3 (Port: 110), IMAP (Port: 143),
    SMTP (Port: 2525) and BINKP (Port: 24554)
    veleno.synchro.net -> IRC Chat (Port: 6667)

    Old server names:

    F. KrueGer
  • Networks Veleno
    Mon Mar 18 2019 11:42:01
    I remind all bbs users of the connected Networks:

    Fidonet: 2:333/808
    Fsxnet: 21:4/125
    Sportnet: 24:302/1
    RetroNet: 80:774/85
    SpookNet: 700:100/32
    GameNet: 32:1/29

    Have fun!

    F. KrueGer
  • New WEB Graphics
    Sun Mar 17 2019 10:46:48
    After many hours of codes, images and tests, I released the new official
    version of the WEB graphic of the system; the background images after about 5
    minutes change when switching from one page to another as in the style of the
    I hope you enjoy this change :)
    Any comments for bugs or suggestions are welcome; you can leave me a message to
    krueger@velenobbs.net or leave a comment to the SysOp at the end of the
    connection or in the message area.

    Thank you

    F. KrueGer
  • BBSLink.net
    Sun Mar 17 2019 10:38:06
    Finally Veleno also hooks up to the network of Games "BBSLink.Net" where you
    can find a wide list of online games with various titles to try !!
    Your score will be posted publicly on the bulletin board "BBSLink Scores".
    What to wait to see your record first !!!

    F. KrueGer
  • New files
    Sat Mar 09 2019 13:38:38
    Added many other files areas of various kinds in the Files section :)

    F. KrueGer
  • New IP Pubblic
    Tue Feb 26 2019 19:28:18
    Towards the beginning of May Veleno BBS will move the domain on Aruba from the
    current NoIP because finally we will have our public IP !!!
    The new addresses to reach the various services of the BBS will be the

    http://www.velenobbs.net -> Website Port: 80
    telnet.velenobbs.net -> Telnet Port: 23
    ftp.velenobbs.net -> FTP Port: 21
    mail.velenobbs.net -> for all mail services POP3 (Port: 110), SMTP (Port: 2525)
    and BINKP (Port: 24554)

    F. KrueGer
  • ACid AnSi
    Tue Feb 26 2019 12:48:18
    The LogOff page is rotating ANSI ACID image productions hoping that they will
    please you in memory of the good times.

    F. KrueGer
  • CoSysop
    Tue Feb 26 2019 12:43:38
    VeleNo BBS is looking for non-profit collaborators as cosysop to improve the
    BBS both as an ANSI and WEB graphic part as well as new features.
    Anyone interested can send an email to SysOp Krueger aniceto1977@gmail.com or
    leave a comment.

    F. KrueGer
  • New FiLEs ArEAs
    Tue Feb 26 2019 12:40:20
    Hi Boys!
    Recently, some new Night Owl files have been added, give us an eye!!

    F. KrueGer