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Hi There,
I am glad that you show interest in this web site and are looking for ways to help "the cause".
"The cause" is to keep the memory of the BBS culture alive and make the it accessible using new media and social networks to show future generations who things looked like before there was the Internet, when people used things called "Modems" to directly dial the "Home" of another person who decided to have a computer (or computers) up and running for 24 hours at his home to allow others to "dial-in" and use the provded system (what is called a BBS or Bulletin Board System).

If you are not much familar with the subject, I'd suggest to visit the educational videos, especially the "BBS - The Documentary" by Jason Scott, to learn more about what I am trying to do here.

A website costs time and money to run and operate. While I gladely contribute my own time, paying the fees for hosting is something that I cannot cover with time that I have to spend, but must pay CASH or the site will be shut down. This happened unfortunately once in the past already.

Your monetary contribution will help to keep the site up and running and possibly prevent another shut down from happing in the future. Donations can be done easily via, with no pre-set amounts, meaning you have absolute freedom of how much support you want to provide.

Remember that donations are tax-deductable and making a donation here does qualify as such.

Your Donation is very much appreciated. You can donate any amount you want. Regardless if it is a single Dollar or a larger amount, the gesture is that what matters. Donations will be used to pay for the cost of Hosting, keeping this Web Site up and running. Click the button to the right to make your contribution.

Again, Thank You Very Much! Thomas aka F. Krueger